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Early payout gone second time

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It’s for the second time I am facing this problem. After canceling an order mutually, I noticed that my early payout option is gone and cash advance. I knocked to customer support, and they have no information about this, and another team manages this.
After few days, I get it to return, and this time, I took cash advance.
The next day I rechecked the feature, and it’s again gone the early payout.
There must be any rule, and the user must have the right to know.
Does anyone know why this feature is so sensitive ??

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If i remember correctly, when I did have that feature it said it was in beta. That means that fiverr is probably trialling the feature to see how many people use it, how effective it is etc.

They probably want to minimise their risk and so they probably have parameters that must be met in order to have access to it currently.

For example, a seller who recently had an order cancelled may be rated as slightly higher risk. I’d assume Fiverr want to ensure that the chance of the buyer charging back their payment after fiverr has already paid out to the seller is low.

I had access to the feature previously but currently don’t. I don’t think its a major issue though as I’m fine with the current payout system.

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