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Can I get Feedback On My Gigs?


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Good evening. I’m looking to get more impressions, clicks and ultimately more orders on my Fiverr gigs. I just put in two new gigs the other day with regard to rap lyrics and comedic content? Can you look on my gig at the link below and give me honest feedback on what I can order to improve the quality of my gigs as far as Gig SEO and other things are concerned?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to the feedback.

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will write a guest post for your sports blog or website
The fact that most of the description is in bold might not help/might make it a bit harder to read.

The URL for the gig is “give-you-50-sports-trivia-questions” but that seems a bit unrelated to what the gig is about so it might not help with SEO.

Gig: I will sell you my rap instrumental beats

The gig description says “I have over 300 rap instrumental beats available for exclusive rights.”. The gig URL says “give-you-exclusive-rights-to…”, but all 3 of the gig packages say “non exclusively” so that seems to contradict the gig description and URL and there’s no FAQ saying how they get the exclusive rights (unless it’s an extra I’m not seeing).

Gig: I will write an article on wrestling for your website
In the gig description:
Maybe change “i’m”

In the profile:
The avg. response time is quite high at 13 hours. That might affect rank.

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Thank you for your feedback! How do I change the URL to reflect the gig I want? Or should I just create a new gig with the same offerings so that the URL can match?

You’d have to create a new gig to change the URL.

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