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I was working on a custom offer I sent to a client, and after the gig was completed and the buyer was happy with it, leaving a 5-star review, I got this:

image1901×123 26.6 KB

I don’t know why, Fiverr is notifying me about an update in an old custom offer I did. Maybe it’s a bug or maybe I did something wrong, but in both cases I don’t know how to fix it.

If someone had the same problem, how did you fix it?, I’d appreciate a lot your words.

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What that usually means is there is a message within the order from the buyer.

Open the order again, and scroll way down to see what message they sent you.


Yes, I did, but the warning did not disappear, I can’t reply within the order because it’s already complete, I can only message him in the inbox, I’m going to open a ticket to see how I can fix it. Thank you for your comment.

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