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Fiverr ranking error


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I have a complaint regarding how your system/bot ranks seller gigs. I made my research via Twitter and some other means and realize this issue is general but you might not notice…

Fiverr system is de-ranking seller gigs for no reason in spite of delivering good work with 5 stars and tips and receiving orders regularly that doesn’t guarantee gig being stable anymore.

I stopped using Fiverr regularly about 6months ago because your platform is not paying my efforts. Will strive hard to get buyers in (even from outside your platform) and deliver excellently but still there is no positive result in my ranking. I started using a platform, spent 40% of the strategy I’m using on Fiverr on ranking my gig and my gig keeps displaying between pages 1-3 which is a very good result and thus enables me to earn big. I’m raising this concern as I will like Fiverr to check this issue and provide a lasting solution, People worked hard to get reviews and many others, But the effort is being wasted.

Take, for instance, I have my gig “I will customize Shopify theme or market Shopify store” is not showing anywhere again on your search pages and your system claim it’s active, No I think something is wrong with Fiverrs algorithm. I even copied the whole title to search for the gig but it’s nowhere to be found/

I made over 700USD on the gig in March and despite that, since March I can’t find my gig anywhere.

The Fiverr ranking algorithm I know states: Deliver outstanding services with 5stars, Promote your self outside Fiverr, Abid by Fiverr TOS, Ready to help, Receive project from time to time, Send Offers and you will be ranked. I did all this in MArch and my gig didn’t show on any page. Is there a change in your ranking algorithm? Most sellers are complaining about this and this needs serious attention.

On my account with 10gigs, non of the gig is displaying, this is very weird.

We need you to fix this!

If you have this problem, narrate your issues so that Fiverr can see and work on it

Awaiting your reply

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