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Commercial rights include converting them to NFT later?


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Hello community. I was recently asked if commercial rights include allowing a client to convert a piece I illustrated into NFT. Does anyone already operate this way? Is it profitable?

You have to see “commercial rights”, if specified on a gig, as basically “making not just partial but ALL rights go to the owner”, so yes. When it’ll be delivered and accepted, that artwork becomes 100% property of the buyer.

Is it profitable?

Depends, but by working on Fiverr, you sign away all your rights to the work after accepting a delivery. Whatever the extra profit is, I don’t think it will involve you in any way.

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Commercial rights doesn’t mean you give an ownership to the client. Client can profit from your product, but you are still an author of that work and can ask for credits. When someone wants a NFT artwork, that means he wants an ownership, so that he can present himself as an author and sell it.

You must define commercial rights for yourself. NFT is something new and revolutionary, so it is up to you how is going to be profitable.
In my opinion, giving all rights of your work to the others isn’t profitable in the long run.

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