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Ever wondered how to get your gig seen? How about getting orders?

So it’s a story of the importance of time you put into your gig.

  1. Clear descriptions always sell. A complete description sells 300% more.<br />

1a) Why? Have you check out a gig but the description doesn’t offer any explanation of the actual gig? Doesn’t it just make you fade away and search for another service?

A well written and descriptive gig sells much more. I have seen many gigs where it offers a Three line explanation – which doesn’t offer vey much. Not all buyers want to message you what you offer if you can’t provide them with a description to contact you about.

2) What is the purpose of the BOLD on the gig description? I see alot of people using bold and big letters for the entire description - Don’t. The purpose is to highlight the actual wording which the viewer should see. I personally would be attracted to a few words in black - which is a vivid piece of information which I must see than the entire description in bold, big and black.

3) Use your space correctly. Some descriptions make me think that this guy is not professional, while others offer it entirely differently. Use the description space not to sell yourself but to explain what you offer for this specific gig. Don’t add “check out my other gigs.” That wording is non-professional. If the viewer is impressed with what you have to offer he will look further into your gigs. From a viewers point of view ask yourself. Does my gigs description really offer an explanation which fits my gig?

4) Tags - It’s seo. And higher ranking. Do your search and see what others tag their success gigs.

I.e.: John is a coffee mug creator. Search on fiverr. “Coffee mug creator” You can then see the first results and check out the tags. You can also do internet researching for your specific tags.

5) With the above in mind your sure to get many more inquires about your gigs as well as an increase of sales.

BigBadBilly suggests: "Never bold anything negative. Only positive." Which makes a whole lot of sense. Why make the viewer think twice about you and your service???

So? What are you waiting for?

Improve your gigs desrciption and start getting many more messages. They should hopefully lead to many more sales!

Until that first order, let me enjoy my coffee...

Good Luck!

The Creative Guys
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I agree with all of these terms.But mostly with: 1)Clear Description.

The description make the sense of the Gig.You have to put all informations on descriptions,to be clear,to write in right way (with spacebar),correctly grammer etc.

If you are clear on description, the buyer while mean that olso on your job you are so clear and so good.If your description it is writen in very bad, the buyer will mean that your work will be bad. 

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It does. Another tip you could add is to never bold anything negative. Only positive. Example here. I’ll CAPS the bold.

" I guarantee Likes from me will NEVER drop because they’re real. “

People tend to Bold the NEVER to emphasize they will never drop. But it’s better if you do it backwards.

” I guarantee Likes from me will never drop because they’re REAL. "

Never bold anything negative, even if it proves a point. Only the positive.

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