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Serious loophole with files delivery process on fiverr

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$500 order initially. We discussed everything before starting the project.

He gave me storyboard of animation project. He told me all the colors and every small aspect of animation.

I worked days of hard work for his project like every seller does and deliver exactly what he ordered. But he is not accepting the order just keep asking revisions and new changes. Change this and add this and do this and do that.

Now coming to important loophole on fiver files delivery system. Buyer gets all the work you give him before and after the revision. For an animation video, buyer can order 10 animation second video. Then later he can ask to change this add this and do that. While you will keep delivering him the work. In the end he can combine all the work you gave him and he will get 20-30 animation video (or any video lets say). A lot of people are doing that.

Fiverr should make a delivery system where seller can show the work to buyer BEFORE giving him the final project files. Otherwise buyers can keep all the previous work and keep asking for more things as revision and in the end they can take all with them.

Ideally fiver should add watermark to delivered files until buyer approves order as complete. Then buyers should be given the final files from fiver with watermarked removed.

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If it’s a $500 order you could split it into milestones so they’ll have to approve each stage before going on to the next stage. eg. the first stage could be a rough/wireframe/low frame rate/low res video or low polygon video for 3d or storyboard for the animation that they have to accept before you later do the final full quality video.

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Due to this, it is advisable to capture all the ideas, historyboard and details before creating the order for payment… Once you have all the minimum details of this and that, you proceed to create the order and in the description you place everything exactly as agreed. In this way a valid support will be created from where if the client wants to make other modifications that are not in the description of the order, then it will not be possible and you will be supported by customer service.

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It happens sometimes.

The way it happens to me was like this;

"First revision they ask if i can make the hand look bigger. No problem, i can do that.

Second revision they ask if i can change the hair color. Alright man, you should have said that the first time but okay.

Third revision they ask if i can add a chariot army at the background. DUDE, what the hell? Where did the chariot come from? Why didnt you ask it the first time while we create the order? I got paid for 1 character, now you want a 2 horses and an archer behind it? "

And each time they take 2 days before asking for revisions, now i am both late and the customer is not satisfied. This is a snowball that does not stop. However in my case, the buyer was not ill intentioned and after couple more revisions like this, i asked them to stop. And by a miracle, they did. But i can easily imagine it going the other direction with cancellations and bad review threats.

Even though i have given them 1 revision chance, they can just do it again and again. Even tough i gave them sketches and previews before finalisations, they did not care about them and asked for revisions. 

I even contacted the fiverr about it, not about that particular order, but about the general rules. And guess what? YES they can ask for additional revisions without extra payment or time extensions. And CS clearly stated that they are not gonna do anything about it and we should solve it between us. And if that buyer was a problematic person(with threats and such) it wouldnt work talking to them.

So, live with it. Its luck of the draw.


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