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How do I improve my Gig position and get more jobs


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Hello there, I will like to get your opinion and advise. I am a level one seller who in the past was getting offers and jobs here on Fiverr however sometime ago my Gig performance dropped (order completion rate). This led to my all my Gigs being deranked, some taken off the search pages which in turn resulted to me not getting offers and jobs.
My account is back to it’s normal state, all performance are 100% and I have been reinstated back as a level one seller, but I’m still not getting offers and jobs and my Gig positions are yet to be taken up or promoted to better pages in search.
I need your advise on what to do to ensure that my Gigs position are you ranked well, so I could start getting offers lik before.
I am a level one seller with good performance, all 100% across all boards.

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