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For Indian sellers, what is the tax option that must be selected?

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Thank you so much @chiragdhanak25

So I am going to choose EXEMPT. Thanks a lot.

Also, can you help me with one more question? This question is for the future but I am curious to know about it as well

If the income reaches 10L-18L a year, what category should we select? or Fiverr will allow to make us changes thereafter?

They allow to change profile anytime

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Hello Indian Fiverr sellers,

Let me clear out all of your doubts here.

First of all, every E-commerce operators (here Fiverr) have to deduct TCS/TDS from

sellers earnings under Section 194-O (applicable from 1st Oct 2020) which Fiverr will pay to Indian Govt. directly and the same will reflect in seller Form 26AS if PAN number is given to Fiverr.

Now about the options on Fiverr.

Choose the option accordingly:

Taxable: If Earning>5L and you have GSTIN.

Export: If 5L<Earning<20L and you don’t have GSTIN.

Reverse Charge: If Earning<5L and you have GSTIN.

Attach FORM-13(Tax Deduction cerificate for nil TCS) from Section 197

of the Income Tax Act.

Exempt: If Earning<5L and you don’t have GSTIN.

Attach FORM-13(Tax Deduction cerificate for nil TCS) from Section 197

of the Income Tax Act.

FORM-13 under Section 197 of Income Tax Act takes you out of the TCS if your Earning<5L.

Hope it has clarified all of your doubts.

Awesome! Thanks for a complete response. I’ve just one question though.

Is this 5L amount you’re saying from ONLY Fiverr, or all sources cumulative?

I’ve already submitted choosing Taxable, but I think it should be Exempted. How do I change it now?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi, rajat can you help me, in filling the form, I haven’t filled yet, I earn below 5LPA , I have two questions for you #1 The form has some fields which as mandatory and some are not, will it be okay if I only fill mandatory ones, such as name, state, and citizen of india, gst yes or no, and exempt option, Will it be okay if Ieave the fields blank such as company name, address, city, postal code?

#2 for gst registered (yes or no) option, which option I have to select as I earn below 5LPA,

I have also attached form images

I will be very grateful if anyone who has filled the form helps me out! Thanks in advance!

If your earning is below 5LPA then no GST require. (GST is for above twenty lakh). You have to fill all mandatory details and also state, address, city, postal as per PAN. Try to include PAN it will deduct 1% TDS on each order (TDS under 194-O), If you don’t have PAN it will be 5% TDS.

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Hi all.

I'm a new seller and was creating my first gig yesterday.

When the question about "Select your 'TCS under GST' category" came up, I searched and found this thread, which was very helpful.

I also looked for other sources of information, and found the GST Council Website.

They have an FAQ  page, which has a link 'FAQs on TCS'. The link points to a PDF file. It is updated in 2018, but is the one presently available on their website. (So it must be current.)

The content of the GST Council's PDF on this matter is self-explanatory. In fact, this particular issue is highlighted in red in that PDF.

I have attached some screenshots for convenience.

Does this not make the issue clear? Please do comment.

(I chose 'Exempt' for the 'TCS under GST' category because of the above - and because I am exempt from Registration as per the GST Act/Rules/Notifications.)





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