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Make payments Clear Instantly After Order Completion

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Hey you lil trouble makes youuuuuuuuu!

2 weeks clearing period is Most Unbelievably Insane… I’m sure 95% of my fellow brotha & Sista sellers on fiverr agree with me on this…

I know it will give you a bit of trouble sometimez with Unique cases if you enable option of clearing the money automatizzzly after order completion but I’m sure it would make Tens of thousands of Diddly sellers happy! 😃

It doesn’t have to be Precisely after the order completes that the money becomes clearedtastic… but at least NOT 2 Fricklastik weeks!

Isn’t this what fiverrizzle is about as well? Not just satisfying the customerizzlez, but the sellereetos as well :)?

Just a SuggestioOOn and my Numero Uno contribution to the fiverr community,



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Not going to happen. Imagine this:

Buyer is in cahoots with a seller.

Buyer orders $300 worth of gigs.

The seller ‘completes’ the order and is paid instantly.

Buyer requests a charge back. perhaps because he claims a stolen credit card has been used. Maybe it has.

Seller has $300. Fiverr loses out on $300.

Basically instant pay outs will open Fiverr up to scammers even more than it is now.

It is just…not good!

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