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Can't reply to spam message by a seller who's in out-of-office mode while sending the spam message


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This is really annoying. A new seller with an account from this month and one gig in the same category as my gigs are, sends a spam message of the (quote) “Hey can u help me maam” kind.

I can’t reply because he’s in out-of-office mode.

The general problem:

The “if you press the spam button, your response rate won’t be affected” texts (I think you’ll even get this shown twice during such a “spam event process”, unfortunately, at least for me, are empty promises, and from what I can read on the forum, I’m not the only one;
typically, if I don’t reply first but only press the spam button only, my response rate will be affected. I’ve tried not replying and just pressing the spam button several times over the years, to see if it finally works as stated, which results in my response rate dropping, so I have to reply first and only then can press spam (even so, with both replying and then pressing the spam button, my response rate dropped just recently).

The additional problem in this special constellation (seller who sent spam message is in out-of-office mode):

The only response I’m able to is pressing the spam/report button but the “receipt” for my response doesn’t show a timestamp, so I can’t prove that I pressed the spam/report button within 24 hours.

I. It would be simply great if we all really could just press the “Spam” button (at least on the spam messages that right away show they are spam; there are already countless spammers who start with, or only ever send a “hi”, so you can’t really press “Spam” right away even if you know from experience and certain pointers that it’s 100% a spam message) without it affecting our response rate.

II. The response/action seller pressed spam button needs a timestamp, so the seller can prove that they did react within 24 hours.

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