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New award for having returning clients (?) - how do we receive it?

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The use of colors in a number of your images make me think I should be slack-jawed lying on an oversized bean bag, staring at a lava lamp and listening to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” 😄

It’s very striking!

lava lamp

Funny that you mention that, I’m trying to make my aunt find and give me her lava lamp. The one I used to be hypnotized by as a kid. She for sure has it gathering dust somewhere and I can use all the magic I can get my hands on during this lockdown. Also, thank you. 🙂

Returning buyers who come back for big custom offers is what brings a gig out of a sales drought, in my experience. Pretty quickly, too. 2-3 offers like that in a row and new buyers start pouring in. It’s a stat to pay attention to, for sure.

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Hi there,

I can see this Buyer Keep Returning on my Gigs. Just a few days ago I set two new gigs and I can see this on them as well!
If I can count I have more than 80 returning buyers mainly with custom offers


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WOW! Is this a new badge?

No. This badge has been around for probably at least 5 years now. I have had it on my Gigs off and on for some time.


I had it in the past on my main profile page - but i didn’t see it for a few years. it’s the first time i’m seeing it in this form - and wonder what changed that now i don’t have it. I assume it’s related to other sellers’ numbers as well. if I recall correctly, in the past they said we have it because our numbers are above the average… so if the average changed…

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In the analytics section, you will find a Repeat Business Button. There will be all the information about your long-term clients and the ratio of how much business you are getting from your repeat clients.

I think you need to have 95% of your business from repeat clients to have this badge on your profile. 

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