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Gigs analysis and help

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Hi y’all!
Its my seventh day on Fiverr and so far I’ve received 554 impressions on my , 7 clicks and 2 orders on my gigs.
One order that I completed was worth 5 dollars while another one that’s open is worth 125 dollars. (I completed that as well but yet to deliver. Want to proofread the document before final delivery).
Is it a good progress.

I also want to modify my gigs images and descriptions. Should I do it or to wait a little?

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If these are your real, organic results ( the orders were not placed by friends of yours) these results are amazing! Congratulations! 🙂

Editing your gigs can drop their rank, so I would wait a little, since you have had 2 orders and are gaining momentum 🙂

Good luck!

Thanks. These are my organic results. I never asked anyone to place an order to me. Well both of my orders came from USA. One person contacted me directly through a search for relevant gig while other was a result of sending a proposal on buyer request.

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