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Has anyone used the online music lessons category?


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I have had some people interested in learning about Logic Pro setup from me and decided to make a gig for that in the music lessons category. However, I have a few questions.

  1. Does the delivery date correspond with when the lesson has to be completed by? For example, if offer a package of 5 lessons and the buyer wants one lesson a week, I assume you have to wait 5 weeks before you see any money from that gig? And for example, if they cancel after 3 lessons, you end up getting no money at all. Anyone with experience with this gig type that can explain?

  2. Does Fiverr offer a video call function within their website to be used with this purpose, or is the choice of video call service at the discretion of the seller and buyer?

Thank you in advance for any insight!

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Hey there,

Yes it does but only for high ranked buyers. What I do recommended is that they pay for only lesson. And if you offer more lessons and the users fails to come for the lesson, than its his mistake and you can deliver the order.

ok! and by high ranked buyers, do you mean people who are 2nd level / Pro level, or people with high reviews?

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