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Must Avoid These To Get Huge Sales & Good Results For Your Gig

Guest neelchowdhury

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Guest neelchowdhury

Hi there, Hope All Of Fiverr Sellers are earning Huge . Those Sellers Who are Earning So much Congrats To them but those who are not earning much and those who are beginners on fiverr here is some tips for them that you Should Avoid when you are creating a gig . Also Read this for tips that will increase your earning for sure . So now let me start and specify the terms that you must avoid to get good results :

  1. Do Not Copy : Never Copy title name or descriptions from another user . If you are coping something then you will never get ggood results for your gig . Because Then Your Gig Won’t be unique any more .

  2. Never try to follow : Never Try to follow a top sellers gigs . You may see a top seller gig is getting many sales so if you create the same gig it is going to generate that much then you are wrong . No one ever going to see your gig if you do that .

  3. Never Give Invalid Tags : Stay away from providing invalid tags . Tags are the key to get success . So choose tags wisely and slowly . Choose the best ones which have many searches .

  4. Never Forget to tag image : Never forget to add tag names in the images also . It will help you in search engines .

  5. Never Write Irrelevant Description : Try to avoid writing Irrelevant descriptions . Description is something that shows the total picture of your gig . So write it carefully and Do not miss any features .

  6. Do not Miss to Specify Cool features : Always mark or bold the main features of your gig in description So that buyers can see those easily .

    This is all for today . Hope these tips will help a lot to the new sellers and current sellers also . For beginners it is recommended that they should read this article also for increasing sales :

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