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How to contact Live Fiverr Customer Service Rep?


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Hi, my service on Fiverr is coaching and teaching. In this service I need to talk or virtually meet clients. However, I don’t know where do I go exactly on Fiverr, to serve a client online ? Can you kindly tell me step by step ? Does Fiverr have virtual meeting like zoom ? Please tell me exactly where can I meet virtually assess and coach clients ?
Also I need to speak to Fiverr Customer Service Rep, how to connect with them live ? I need Fiverr Rep to check why when clients are asking questions, I send them the Gig package to buy, some ask to meet online & others they don’t respond back upon receiving my Gig offer and no longer respond. I need a Fiverr Rep to check why I failed 24 clients who approached me but never went forward ? I have been with Fiverr Since October 2020 I did not give one service, although my prices comparing to Fiverr other sellers are low and comparing to the Canadian market my prices are way too low. Your help is much appreciated. Regards

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The thing is, Fiverr can’t guarantee any Sales here.
Even you have hundred of inquiries coming in, they can’t guarantee it can be converted as a Sales. It all depend on your performance, message, respond, gig performance.

But you can check your gig, check all the spelling, all the image and offering and make sure you have offer the best that your client need

This can help you to convert any inquiries into Sales.
I recommended you to take any course from Fiverr.
You can learn about the information here :

Our mission at Fiverr is to create the platform for the future of work. Our marketplace is already changing the lives of millions of people who have chosen to lead the freelancing lifestyle. And today, we are proud to introduce another product designed to help freelancers sharpen their skills - we call it Learn from Fiverr™️. Home-page.thumb.jpg.112b0e1a29be173f2d7cd904ab8277b1.jpg

I personally have finished some course and from that I learn a couple things how to polish my gig nicely to help me get customer converted from message inquiries.

Hope This help.

Best Regards,

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