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I am not getting any order for some time


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Hello Everyone I am a graphic designer and am new on fiverr. But am not getting any order for some time. I am so worry

But am not getting any order for some time.

You opened your Fiverr account just this month!

Fiverr is not easy money!

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check this out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

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Of course, Fiverr is not a full time (online) job any sellers would rely on for a big income to support themselves and/or family, while sat in front of the computer “staying online” the whole time; hoping for a buyers would come across the gigs and place an order on it. The platform itself is a freelance site for all of us to create something whatever make buyers were satisfying with the service we offers. Although this is just little income we can earn a little for temporarily work until we could get back on our feet.

As a character/environment concept artist and fine art portrait oil painter – I’m not worry about not receiving any order from buyers lately or within few months later or so, because that is really depend on my price rate, how much I charge for it, whether my gigs description explain about the copyrighted infringement (that probably scared buyers away). Because most buyers messages me they wanted fan art which I don’t create any art that are done by company such Walt Disney, Marvel and DC Comics, because they are the copyright holders of the characters. However, I will create character concept design for small business clients who owned comic book store or create art for short filmmakers! That’s why I don’t do fan art for buyers who don’t understand the risk of copyrighted infringement!

I know there is always the opportunity for me to make something big other than Fiverr, Upwork or any other freelance platforms. If I can’t make enough, I can just shut down my account and move on to another site such staying on DeviantArt and Artstation and Fine Art America Gallery. I would!

As on Fiverr, if you have many skills you could do many other kind of skills than just writing proofreading, logo design, etc. Of course, you can make something big such as logo design, tattoo design, video editing or voice acting or or whatever skills you have and pour your soul into it! It’s not just you didn’t earn any bucks because of it. It just your gigs description or anything what you writes probably turned off some buyers. I think most buyers are looking for the best cheap services with English and design skills or whatever possibly they could look for artists, actors, musicians and (book) writers to do a job for them. And if you have some English skills for this, of course, a buyer would pick you for a job to write their book for them!

I have been there, and done art for books before I signed up with Fiverr account! Although this site is slow and take times for buyers to browse around your gigs. You can’t make them order it, as well as you can’t ask for a buyers to leave you positive reviews!

I understand while not making anything on Fiverr can be really frustration sometime, but this may take times for the right buyer come across and buy the gigs from you. Wish you best of luck with your gigs!

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