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Webmaster denies me access to my website and blackmails me


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Hello dear ones

I have a question but it happened outside of Fiverr: My webmaster and I are having communication difficulties. I don’t know where my website is because of various transfers and he doesn’t send me a link, or the links don’t work. Either “not secure connection” or “page not found.” Now he wants 2700 € from me (it was agreed that I pay what I think is reasonable and can pay) and I already paid 1000 €. Of this, 200€ was for a transfer, which he also did, and the other 800€ for what else had to be done as a deposit. Now he wants me to pay 2,700 € otherwise he won’t finish his work (and I still have no access). I have been telling him for days that I don’t have access and that he should please send me a link/password/login, which he simply won’t do.
For me this is blackmail. Does anyone know about this? What can I do in such a situation?
Are there places where I can turn to?
Unfortunately, this did not happen here but on a 1:1 basis, so I am not protected by Fiverr. I would never ever book somebody again from outside private just because its a nice or competent person.

Thank you for your feedback. Kind regards

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