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Want to be nice to buyer , but they take things for granted


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As a seller , we always need to be polite and nice to the buyer, hoping that they can be our return customer.

Sometimes , I delivery a bit to pleasant the buyer, a win win situation.

This time I encountered a buyer who request for a package mock up. The buyer seem nice when she message me for the project.
But without confirming the price, she ordered the basic package ($5). The quote gave her is around $25. But nvm , I don’t want any cancelation (because I had already cancel one order this month)

I delivered the work with additional label attached , and no surprise , she ask for more changes and more thing , without wanting to pay more …

So… do I need to stand on my foot and deny the changes and ask her to pay more if she want any changes ? But she will definitely give me poor reviews and never come back again.

So sometimes if you are nice to a buyer , then think it’s a of course

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You already made a mistake by not asking your buyer to pay extra.

You should have asked her to pay extra and explained that her requirements are not covered in basic package and she need to pay extra $20 for her work…, You can easily do that from RESOLUTION CENTER without cancelling your order with her !

Now you have accepted $5 order and delivered her things, You offered 1-2 revisions for both of Package mock up gig so you have to provide her revisions…Once she run out of revisions, Ask her to pay extra for each revision after that !

One of your gig does not offer source file, So if this is about that gig and buyer asked for source you can recover some of amount with source file too !

Do not be a victim of exploitation of buyers who are in search of cheap service with lots of works, Tell them on face about your price, time and conditions !

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