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What are you doing in this Pandemic?

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Pandemic is a curse for everyone as if the world stopped for a moment.

Well, bad is not bad always. Everyone is suffering from this pandemic situation.

But this pandemic taught me a lot. It taught me we can do work from home

actually i made my mind to step in the freelancing world in this pandemic situation, while i had nothing to do, sitting idle all the time at home. Then i thought of doing something new & creative. Then idea of freelancing came into my mind. Hail. I learnt a lot, and still learning.

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It's great that you decided to be productive and do something while the pandemic is ongoing.

For me personally It was a great amount of time to reflect on some things, get to know myself better and self-improve so my time during quarantine wasn't that bad.

I hope you learn a lot more and wish you best of luck in your freelancing career.

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COVID-19 taught me to appreciate things that I thought I was entitled to have like oxygen. This lesson has taught me to appreciate nature and I was actively involved in a tree planting project to conserve the environment.

It taught me that I should appreciate every moment I have.

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On 6/28/2021 at 9:24 PM, dev_bd1 said:
In this pandemic situation I learned web design and email marketing in the hope of making money online.

In lockdown,i completed my digital marketing course.Oh, i also wait for eid😄

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