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How to rank your gig better on a keyword - Tips to improve Gig SEO

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I am not that much of a successful seller, but these are few of my knowledge that i am pouring in today for the help of new sellers to understand these things related to ranking a gig and SEO (although you can just make the effort)

So to understand this issue first you have to understand how search engines work.

Let us assume for our understanding that keywords(tags) are like folders.

When you list your gig for a certain keyword(those five tags at the bottom and your title), your gig is basically placed in that folder with all the other gigs that used the same keyword.

Now whenever someone searches for that keyword, a list of all the gigs enlisted in that folder are shown to them. But all the gigs cannot be shown at once.

So search engines break down and show results in form of pages, like 42 gigs on each page or 60 gigs on each page(i forgot the actual number).

Your position in the search result is determined by your SEO score or your ranking.

So what happens is that search engines rank gigs on certain criteria. Basically what that criteria is and what factors effect your overall SEO score, nobody knows for sure except the fiverr people who made that search engine.

But what happens is something like this.

Your gig seo score = (weight of the factor1 * your factor1 total score(lets assume that it is response rate) + weight of factor 2 * your total score of factor 2 (lets assume it is order completion rate) and so on)

I hope it did not become too technical here.

So now coming over to your problem that you are not finding yourself on search results . It is the reason that there are too many gigs ranked above your gig that your gig is burried down. Whenever you want to use a certain keyword first search how many gigs are using that keyword. If it is below 10k you can use that, above that is too high competition for new gigs.

Now coming over to how search engines(generally) rank results. It is based on many factors. The top most being

  1. How well optimized for search that gig is
  2. How many visits they are getting
  3. Impressions to click ratio
  4. Click to order ratio
  5. How many social media clicks(external traffic that you are bringing to your gig)
  6. Order completion rate
  7. Response rate
  8. Response time
  9. Ratings

    And many other criterias that are unknown, each of these factors have their own weights (value). So e.g order cancellation has a negative value and it will harmfully impact your gig ranking. But how much value it has this is kept a secret by search engines.

A few advises for you

  1. Change up your keywords, use the main keyword in your description 2-3 times as well, be creative with it. Dont just write it three times use it in sentences.
  2. Use a combination of long tail and short tail keywords (e.g. business logo design can be a long tail keyword, just logo design is a short tail keyword)
  3. Use less competitive keywords.
  4. Improve your description and gig title, it must include the main keyword you want to rank on.

    I hope these tips helps you. I hope these were helpful. Fiverr experts can add more to it if i missed something.

I tried my best to use as simple language as possible but in case if something is not clear please don’t hesitate to ask in comments i will try to answer them as soon as possible.

so informative,

Thanks for sharing, Hope it will be work.

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Hey thats really usefull post but can u help me a little and give me a simple example what should i write in the SEO TITLE box?

and btw can i use a few seo titles after eatchother by using , ? example play with you, playing duo, carry you? or i have to use just 1

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and btw can i use a few seo titles after eatchother by using , ? example play with you, playing duo, carry you? or i have to use just 1

seo.png.0a84d16faeafb389dd707c2cee850321.png can i do seo title like this one? to make like 3 tags here

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