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How to rank your gig better on a keyword - Tips to improve Gig SEO

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Hey thats really usefull post but can u help me a little and give me a simple example what should i write in the SEO TITLE box?

and btw can i use a few seo titles after eatchother by using , ? example play with you, playing duo, carry you? or i have to use just 1

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First of all Thanks you so much .

If you don’t mind ,could you please tell me how you get this ?

I am not pretty sure how it is showing this badge,

In the past my customer service was not that good and professional, i was a beginner and did a lot of mistakes then i took a time off of fiverr worked on my communication skills and my overall design skills and i have been improving my service and the communication and the overall experience for the buyers. Since then i have a few loyal customers(just a handful) that keep coming back whenever they require a similar service.

I think the trick is communication and your end product. Keep working hard to improve both of them and they’ll most certainly return.

I still am working really hard on improving both of them.

You can watch Chris Do on youtube, listen to his clubhouse recordings and you’ll learn a lot about service before selling. His words have made me a better seller and a better communicator.

I hope it helps

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I had 20 sales in a month when my gig was chosen to carry the label “rising talent” and now the statistics have dropped terribly, hardly anyone finds me despite having implemented SEO. Thank you very much for the information!

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