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I just signed up for seller plus. Has anyone had success with the program?


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Hey there,

Recently my impressions have taken a massive hit along with clicks. I was doing really well up until 2 weeks ago. I started trying to optimize better but I guess I did the opposite?

So I decided to register for seller plus, I have my first meeting next Wednesday. I am just looking for anyone who might have some reviews/comments about their experience with seller plus so far?

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Provided that the program is still finding it’s legs, I’m really enjoying the correspondence between the rep and myself. We’re having more of a writers room/incubation form of attacking ideas.

Plenty of value in the exclusive content. Depending on your professional expertise, you’ll probably run into a lot content that you’ve utilized for years - but the variety is wide ranging - which allows for diverse tips.

I’m not positive what we’re allowed to discuss beyond that, but the latest perks are definitely positive measures.

I’m also really digging the free restaurant vouchers and “Grab a drink Thursday.”

I may have made those last parts up.

Edit: Also, the platform’s numbers were impacted as a whole, in the past few weeks. Relaxed quarantines, warmer temperatures and children’s school vacations probably all contribute to this phenomena. They’re on it.

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I joined just under 2 months ago and it’s been well worth it so far. The changes I made were followed by a slow period but I have no idea if that had any direct relation. Things have really taken an upswing again since. I got a lot of orders in and can see how that relates to what I’ve done to improve my gig based on the advice of my success manager. I had a steady flow of orders before but wasn’t coming up in certain searches.

She’s pushed me to step out of some comfort zones too and go for certain things that I wasn’t seriously considering until now. Maybe I’m paranoid but I’m also not sure how much should be discussed about it.

It’s also great to have one-to-one time with someone from the Fiverr team. She has a face and everything!

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I don’t have any idea about the Seller Plus program. please will you tell me about it?

That will be great help for me.

Thank you.

If you use the 🔍 Forum search feature and look for Seller Plus you should be able to find it.

She has a face and everything!

Have you had more than one zoom meeting with your rep?

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On 4/24/2021 at 11:57 AM, leannelrivers said:

I’ve got my second one coming up after the weekend. We’ve had a couple of email exchanges leading up to that.

I have had many email exchanges, which I like more than the zoom meetings. My rep is very quick to reply to me and has helped me with at least two difficult situations in addition to the excellent advice I have received. 

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