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Hi I am NEW seller on fiverr ,


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so please tell me what can i do for my gig ranking and getting order from buyer.(if social media marketing is false). Social media marketing don’t getting a buyer or order it’s true. but if you do social media marketing in your gig then you will see your gig impression increasing day by day. but do it continuously of you. minimum 1 months

Impressions doesnt even count as a click, so ?

Example, you have a shop opening, you got 300 people who walk in, but nobody buys anything since it doesnt look good, or price isnt right. Same with gigs.

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Hi and Welcome to Fiverr!

•Use the keywords related to your career in Title and Description
•Use Eye-catching Thumbnails
•Be active on Forum
•Be online and Available most of the time
•Send buyer request regularly
•Share your gig on social media

And check this link out, It helps you to get orders easier, so that affects your Rank as well:
How to get orders for beginners

Wish you all the best on Fiverr :v:t2:

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