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Can you break payments into segments/milestones? (animation work))


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Not sure if there are already topics on this but I wasn’t too sure how to word it so I figured I might as well ask anyway.

I was just wondering if there are ways to break down steps for an order to have separate payments? I have one gig open for my animations but I’m still somewhat new to this whole process and I put a lot of work into each project so I’m worried I’m either going to wind up not getting orders, doing more work than I initially present in my gig info/being underpaid, or if a client decides they only like part of a project but not the whole/finished product, if that makes sense? I’m not too worried about being underpaid right now because I’m just starting out and I need to get my ratings going to help with my other gigs (still no orders yet!), but for example let’s say I start an animation project and they pay me the base amount then want a storyboard for the first part to see where it’s going, then I do the animations and character work, etc., and they change their mind halfway through, or want me to start over, or want to keep some parts but change others, then I wind up doing more work and/or taking longer than what I put in my gig info, or they wind up unhappy with my work or anything like that.

I’m not entirely sure how to word any of this so I hope I’m making sense, but basically I don’t want to sell myself short but also don’t want to leave people with projects they’re not happy with, or if I wind up taking longer than they hope based off my gig info (if they ask for revisions/edits/stuff like that). I know on upwork you can set different milestones for each project in case the client changes their mind halfway through or only wants the basis of the work you did instead of the finished project, but I haven’t seen anything like that on here. I really don’t like how upwork is set up aside from that so I don’t want to switch back to that, and I really like how everything’s set up on here, this question is mostly just for my animation gig so I was hoping to get some insight on how I can optimize my gig info/package options/etc. for this one specifically. It’s mostly an issue because I do everything hand-drawn, but I’m hoping to get better with automated/vector animations to speed up the process depending on what people want done for each project, but the hand-drawn ones usually wind up taking a while to finish.

Thanks for any help, and again sorry if something similar has already been asked!

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