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I am new seller in fiverr.give me some tips that i get first order from fiverr

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Welcome to forum 🙂

Fiverr Buyer Request Tips for New Sellers

So, here we gonna share 5 important steps that will make your proposals buyer-friendly.

  1. Introduce Yourself

    The first step is to introduce yourself to the buyer. Most sellers start the proposal bragging of their experience. They don’t even bother saying a “hi” to the buyer which makes the buyer skip their proposals.

So start your proposal with charming phrases like “hi there” or “hello there”. If possible, then try to use the name of your buyer. It will make him feel more interested in your proposal.

  1. Address the Buyer’s Needs

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In this step, you should address the needs of your buyers. Read what he has asked for in his request, and then do a quick brainstorming and come up with ideas of how you can help him with his project. Share a brief description of how you’re planning to complete the projects, and what values you can add-in. But remember, you shouldn’t go overboard here. Just keep it short and straightforward.

  1. Show your Expertise

    Now, it’s time to show off your expertise. Tell your client how experienced you are, and how many successful projects you’ve done before. If you have a web-based live portfolio, then share some links with him. But if you don’t have any live portfolio, then tell him to knock you in your inbox.

  2. Offer Price

    And at the bottom of your proposal, you should specify your price and the time you would take to complete his projects. Though there are separate fields to provide this information, mentioning them in your proposal will make it easier for your buyer to be sure of your price.

  3. End up with Conclusion

    The last step in your Fiverr buyer request is to finish your proposal. Yeah, it’s easy to conclude your proposal saying “thanks”. But to create a better impression, you should be creative here. For instance, I always end my proposal saying “Looking forward to hearing from you” This informs the buyer that I’m waiting for his response. So even if he doesn’t like my proposal, he sends me a reply which opens the door to pitch my gigs to him.

So these are the 5 simple steps you should consider when writing a buyer request. Remember, every day tons of new buyer requests come on Fiverr. And if you can make the best use of them, you can easily kick start your Fiverr business.

This is just what I needed as a new seller myself. Thanks a lot.

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