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Where I am at and why.


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Some may notice that I am less present than I was before the “Morongate” event. This is complex.

I finally got my Level One badge. I am not a badge person but I was happy to get that public recognition for where I am at. I also hoped it would bring better clients, those who seek a more professional experience seeing that is what I offer.

In everything since it has been the complete opposite. And as a result, my L1 will probably evaporate next cycle. One of my jobs now reads as having a 100% Cancellation rate!

I am the one who has spoken out about chasing Stats and I still do. These numbers (or lack thereof) don’t tell my story in the way they claim. They tell a false story. They lead us to try to do things that in a Stat-free space we would walk (or run) away. they tell people I am unreliable when I am simply not working with unreliable people - people who will abuse me (so I can get a valueless badge).

I had two people hire me without the requested conversation first. Both failed to send proper working materials. Once I got the files and the extra info, the jobs were not as initially indicated & priced. New info should not be appearing after paying. This simply makes me their slave if I stay to protect a Stat. One job I had CS cancel on the spot (which went well), the other I did the work only to be hit with revisions on a no-revision job, and most of what was written showed that the buyer was not rational or reading. He also provided more key info with a “haha” that he should have told me before it caused me to be told I did it all “wrong”. I canceled that myself as I had already exceeded the terrible pay (which no naming of famous names he has worked alongside will cover).

So there will go my L1. I acted like a true professional and now my badge of professionalism is going???

I have also had to head off a ReSeller who expected me to hand over all my work for free, a VID who expected me to work for free to see if I was good enough for him, a kid who despite a reasonably long conversation could never tell me what I could do for him, a person who committed themselves to a job they couldn’t do who was nice but sent files that some supposed “Pro” made that were an embarrassment to the craft. At least I could nix those.

So after that, Morongate and the evaporative aftermath, I have a totally new view on how much energy Fiverr and the forum are worth. If people come to me as sane professionals (how they behave) i will be delighted to meet them as such.


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