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I'm so happy I started on Fiverr!


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Hey everybody! 😊

So a quick head’s up; this post isn’t going to help any of you or be of any assistance but I’m just so happy today I wanted to share my experience. When I began my account on Fiverr in January, I honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to write poetry for other people. It’s a niche market and I trust my own skills but why would anybody choose me among so many other sellers?

But so far I’ve completed 15 orders and specifically today I completed two orders that truly filled my heart with joy and was the reason I began my account. They wanted to let their significant other how great their love is for them and reading the requirements (e.g. details about why they want it to be about this person) is so heartwarming. This is one of the main reasons I started my account, but I never really believed I could put it into practice yet here we are! Money was never my motivation (of course it’s a nice factor let’s be real) but knowing people out there can let their special person know how much they mean to them & spread their love with a bit of help from lil ol’ me is a great feeling. Because the world and everybody in it, especially in these times, can never have enough love & appreciation going around 💖

Normally I wouldn’t think twice about creating a post to talk about my experience with Fiverr that’s of no use to someone else (except some contagious enthusiasm perhaps?). Since this community is so warm & welcoming however, I felt it was a safe space to share it anyways. If I will continue receiving orders is always a big question mark in the world of freelancing. But with every fiber of my being I hope I do, because helping people out in such a way really increases my happiness levels with a 110%.

I hope everybody has a great day!

With love,


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