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If you are looking for my services, would you like to become my client? Be honest, I didn’t create this topic to look for clients but to understand why doesn’t fiverr give me visibility from 2 month… I have 0 clicks and 200 impressions for a month
(I’ve been on fiverr for 2 months)

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Please give me some tips to upgrade my profile :thinking:
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For the last time, no, you don’t have to be constantly online. It makes zero difference.

You are in a very competitive category. Also, I believe “choise” is a grammar error? The correct spelling is “choice”.

I agree with you that there is no point in staying online 24/7. I know mine is a big category but it seems impossible to me to have so few views compared to poor quality profiles.

The name is not a deliberate mistake, just that as soon as the account was created the name was not the most important part to think about. Unfortunately you can’t change the name so I’ll keep them like this haha

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