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Should I re-open this cancelled order?

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I had a buyer give some pretty harsh feedback on my voice-over lately. They insulted my voice and were pretty patronizing (the words “Maybe you just had an off day” were included in their feedback 😬).

They asked me to re-do the script but I honestly didn’t think it could be improved, so I declined. I’ve been pretty busy lately so I was ok with cancelling to avoid the headache. I told them they couldn’t use my recording after they received a refund.

They sent me a pretty heartfelt message today saying they have reconsidered and would like to pay me for my VO by opening a new ticket. Is this a trap?? Haha! I’ve never had this happen before. I’m not sure what to do. They were really apologetic in their message and there are no hard feelings on my end, but working on Fiverr for 4 years has made me pessimistic and cautious :crazy_face: What would you do??

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I’ll say give them a chance. I understand your reluctance and cautiousness. But we deal with actual people (i sometimes doubt this, lol) at the other end and it is best to deal with them as individuals not as a group.

This buyer realised how harsh he was and decided to make amends with an apology and by paying for the work. Give him a chance and let’s see how it goes.

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