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I'm Getting too more IMPRESSIONS and CLICK But Not Getting Order

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Hello, I make my profile on Sep 2018 works one year and get level 1. then earn more than 1K$ and Stoped My Order. That’s why I stop my online works.

Now I want to come back again on Fiverr. I made 9 gigs. and gitting 7k impressions in a week. not getting Order.

Please experienced person suggest me What I can Do now for getting Order.

Screenshot_21413×859 140 KB
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it depends on various factors. customer also do window shopping most of times they go near your gig read everything then go to next gig. if your thumbnail and title is attractive they will click it but when they see price and description they might compare and quit. it’s what i think as i have a 2.5k impression gig with 100 clicks and 2 order …

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