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Traffic gig on Fiverr, I'm the buyer..help?


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I purchased my first fiverr gig 2 weeks ago, it was to drive traffic from the US to my website. I spent $315 for this because I don’t know how to do that, aside from posting on fb or insta… I’m in learning mode.
The traffic started to go up, suddenly so much it made me wonder but I was too happy. No sales which I was “fine” with since seller doesn’t promise sales but does promise human clicks…

I found out by another person I requested services from (for fb campaigns) after the traffic gig and he said that could hurt my website and even break it? I started to search and read something about bounce rate and the percentage that was good bad and not good at all… I went back to my site and my bounce rate went from a 42% to 69% since the views started going up. 3k visits from some other country 750views less than US and avg session 0.00 sec.
I asked him to cancel and refund at least the days that it has left. I feel so scammed like never before.

If I would’ve paid less I would probably shake it off and mark it as an experience but that wasn’t so cheap to expect that…and I realy wanted a professional to help me.
He seemed annoyed that I asked for a cancelation and said I should’ve gone to him before requesting it, but I had already asked him before if those were bots to wich seems he lied so why would I go back and forth with him? I asked him to simply stop and I did send him the stats and report of my bounce rate and all that info, session avg, location… he said he would work the issue.
I really don’t want him to do anything else I am seriously scared that google engine wont ever trust my site and it will break.
So how does canceling here work? This is the first time gig and first cancelation for me. Sorry guys, I didn’t wanna write that much but with little details not enough to understand.
Thanks for your time.

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It is my own opinion (after my negative experience as a buyer) that most traffic gigs of any kind here are fake or bots.

Fiverr is not the place for healthy marketing because it is very hard to find honest sellers doing proper real promotion.

Ask customer support to cancel an order, explain and send screenshots.
Visit the resolution center on the order page.

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