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Not getting organic orders on fiver


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Hey there! My first thought when reading this is, what’s your worry? Orders are orders right 😃 I understand it would be nice if people came to you instead of the other way around, but it’s actually more impressive you get your orders from buyers requests. I have read quite a lot of posts on this forum of people asking why they aren’t successful with these requests and a lot of threads with tips on how to write effectively. But you clearly have this down!

You just have to remember that some buyers rather have sellers come to them, than to go through all the gigs and pages finding the right person to do the job. Some buyers simply might not have the time or the energy to do so.

So I would say see the glass as half full. Instead of focusing on why you’re not getting ‘organic’ orders, give yourself a pat on the back for receiving orders where competition is even higher (many others are ‘bidding’ on the project but they choose you, yay!!).

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