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My experience on fiver so far :)


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Well, its been about 2 weeks since I joined fiverr and before creating an account here I learned to make good whiteboard animations so I can get something to start with. It was a good feeling that I can make animations and can make some bucks to get by with my daily life. The excitement was great, it kind of felt like my life is finally getting organized but after making a gig and my first video to show my work, I imagined I would receive orders in few days if not few hours. Little to my surprise its been 2 weeks I get a lot of expressions and clicks but never received any order. Felt really bad and broke all my hopes and now its almost as silent as a hot day in desert. Anyway I am still hopeful maybe I will get my first order and I will be a start of my freelancing career but I would say to everyone who are new here. “Don’t get your hopes too high no matter how much sincere you are with your work”

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