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TOP rated seller status ruined my workflow and business

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After I become TOP rated seller, I notice a DROP from 20 000 impressions to 0-1700 from Mar - 24 -2021. No more new orders even with reduced price and updated gig description and SEO. I notice on the same time was introduced fiverr plus, I have to make subscriptions now? It makes no sense… Drop was very big in a short time, never happen before. I though Top seller status would give more opportunities not lose them.

Anyone have similar situation?

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Hi, it might be coincidence in that so many sellers of levels 2 and TS have noted a massive drop lately, and I am thinking it just happened to have coincided with your TS status elevation but would possibly have happened anyway.

That doesn’t make things any better, I know as it’s utterly miserable–but be assured a mass of people have had exactly the same thing. Something very peculiar happened in March with the algorithm and I think we are all still trying to piece it together with lots of different theories about.

I have been a Top Seller for a while now and I saw a big change too in March. It’s very hard to know what volume of business will come now, whereas prior to March, it was a constant upswing and I know exactly what changes would have what effect on my sales.

Much of my new business now is from completely new, inexperienced buyers who are very hard to work with compared to the clientele I was accustomed to getting here, which gives me the impression Fiverr is running some not very targeted ads! I’m losing a lot of time trying to explain basics to buyers because they really do not know Fiverr or book authorship.

I also had some bizarre requests for one of my gigs that did not fit the gig at all–goodness knows what was being advertised and pushed my way, but it had nothing to do with what my gig said that I offered. That resulted in me completely declining to quote for around 20 jobs in a week or so because they were way off what I do best.

I could say a lot more about many other March peculiarities I have seen, but I find the best way to get back on top is just to carry on with working as hard as possible on delivering what is in my queue to the highest standard I can, and gradually, things are improving again.

I really hope things get better for you real soon.

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