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The Fight Against Covid-19 - A must in battle

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When Covid-19 broke out, I was among those who questioned its origin and whether it can really affect Africans and Europeans to the same extent. Within a few weeks, the first case was announced in Nairobi. Still, I thought this was the government’s scheme to defraud citizens through loans from international financial institutions and donors. Nevertheless, my perception of the pandemic changed when my neighbor succumbed to the virus. I have witnessed several death cases attributed to covid-19. I have seen presidents from the neighboring countries and prominent individuals in the government dying. And so I thought of reminding one another some basics on how to protect ourselves from this monster.
a) Maintain Social Distance
This seems to be the best way of combating the spread of the virus. Whether in shops, public transport, work environment… Maintain physical/distance. It saves lives. You cannot tell someone is positive by looking at them.
b) Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize!
I know how challenging it can be to wash your hands every time you are in contact with people or other physical objects. But how much does 500 ml of hand sanitizer cost? Proper hygiene draws the line between death and life. Always sanitize friends. Avoid a casual attitude as far as this pandemic is concerned.
c) Wear face masks
Since struggle to breathe, I was objected to the idea of wearing masks. But someone told me a mask may limit the chances of me spreading the virus just in case I contract. In other words, wearing masks is an act of love to yourself, friends, and loved ones.

I am glad you’ve dedicated a portion of your time to go through this draft. I have no doubt these are things you’ve known all along. But my love for you is immeasurable. I know a reminder may not hurt. I am yet to be vaccinated and I don’t know when there will be sufficient doses in our locality. Let us all remain vigilant and fight this monster to the end. If you have other reminders on how best I can protect myself from the virus, feel free to comment.

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