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Solution to Scamming Buyers


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Scammers are increasing day by day. The ability of customers to cancel order after delivering all source and work files is a gateway to scams.
They get their money back and even the service they didn’t pay for.

Fiverr should introduce on site non downloadable files viewing platform for seller service protection, which would allow the downloading and keeping of files only when the buyer has officially expressed their approval and satisfaction of the work they were shown, and can’t cancel after that once the files were downloded, payment processed. Other wise they go their separate ways, buyer with their money and seller with their service still in hand.

What is you’ll opinion about this solution?
Is there a way we can pitch this idea.

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This may be a good idea. However, especially with written works, the person may copy-paste or, if that’s not possible, take screenshots and have another seller type out the file (yes, some people are that desperate).

They can take screenshots but they’ll have to write it on their own. Since they won’t get the word file even if they hire another person to do the job as long as within this solution, they can’t get the files until they approve the work with payment without the option of cancellation after they approve it once. 😉

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