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My gig impression dropped after being offline for long on Fiverr


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I’m a new seller on Fiverr since june 2020, My account was suspended on September 2020 due to ID verification failure.
After being offline for about 7months, I recorvered my profile on February.

Before the suspension, I had only one gig with four 5 reviews, and I’ve created 3 more new gigs, and received two orders from my old gig after the recovery.
Since I recovered my profile, I noticed that my profile ranking drastically dropped, and the impressions I get is more less, compared to when I just started out on Fiverr, I have tried to tweak my profile and adjust for keywords, but with all my efforts to rank my gigs on the result page, there was still no improvement, and it’s getting hard for me to deal with.

Lately, I was thinking of deleting my current profile and start all over again, and I’m not sure if that’s gonna be the best decision.
I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from the community.

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