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Text box for offers and text input too SMALL


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is this me and Chrome or is this a bug or just design fail?

image761×847 109 KB

When I am typing text in the offer box or GIG box or BR or report user or any text box that opens up as a popup window I can not expand the text section area. I can’t see more than one sentence at a time and it is annoying to scroll up and down to see did I type in all relevant data.

I am copy-pasting it now but why can’t I type in directly - normally?

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On 4/16/2021 at 9:17 AM, melanielm said:

I just sent a custom offer and the box didn’t expand or pop up. I don’t think it ever did. The scrolling is annoying, but I don’t think it’s new.

Yes, it is really annoying.

For people that send one sentence offers is OK, but for me…

How to scroll and check this easily?


As per our conversation, this offer includes improvement and enhancement of premade PPT file to match the client’s feedback report.

Improvements include:

a) changing of background color to blue

b) changing/adapting fonts on all slides in to unify the design

c) replacing photos with photos provided by the client as per slide numbers

d) animation style for text appearance correction as per clients brief

Files will be delivered as PPT source file, mp4 file with matching VO timing provided by the client.

Revisions included are for color correction, photo placement and cropping or text sizing.

In order for revision to be free for each section that needs to be changed the revision request must contain the following:

a) HEX code of the exact color to be used as background

b) Exact font type (typography)

c) Image repositioning direction

d) Animation style description (change in speed, slower/faster or change in animation style)

Free revisions are valid in a period of 7 consecutive days after receiving the final file.

Any changes beyond listed or after the grace period will be charged extra as per the change needed.

Kind regards,


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