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My Level got Demoted from Level 2 to Level 1 ( On 89% Response Rate )

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Hi, There Everyone. Hope you guys are doing well. Started my fiverr Journey on Feb 2020. Got Level 1 on Jun 15,2020. Worked my way up to level 2 on Oct 15,2020. I have been working my way up for Top rated seller until today.

I have been a very professional & hard working Seller here on fiverr.

  • Got the Opportunity for " Promoted Gigs "

But it’s been going downhill for me in April 2021.

  • Unqualified for " Promoted Gigs" ( No Reason Provided )
  • Demoted to Level 2 ( Was only 1 % off for my Response rate ). My response rate was 90 above for all these months…

I don’t know you guys can be the judge of this when fiverr says Level Promotion & Demotion is not Automated.

The only point of me ranting here is we sellers are humans too. You can’t be on the top all time.

Thank you for reading this…

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You do know that once you qualify for TRS that it isn’t an automatic level up, right?

I’ve qualified for, and maintained TRS levels for over a year.

I know other Sellers here who have waited longer.

Fiverr hand-picks TRS candidates.

Besides, if reaching TRS is your main goal here on Fiverr, I think you’ve missed the whole point of freelancing on this platform.

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same, i lost my level1 badge today because of 89% response rate. once it cross the 90% then you can contact with support, they will solve your problem immediately

once it cross the 90% then you can contact with support, they will solve your problem immediately

If he were to get his response rate (and you too) above 90%, at the next evaluation on May 15, it is then he would regain his Level 2 status. Contacting support because you got your response rate to 90% before the evaluation on May 15 will not make support manually put you back at Level 2. You have to wait until the next evaluation date.

As annoying as it is to be 1% below some metric, that is how they run things now, and you have to either keep your percentages above their desired numbers or suffer the loss of Level. Getting Level 1 and 2 back are easy enough as those are automatic every month. TRS not so much. That is picked by hand by a group of Fiverr employees. As ink said above, you may never get that badge - even if you are meeting all the requirements for YEARS. Don’t become too focused on that badge, just do your best.


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I had the same problem and this is BS. Not all the clients reply and respond on time, so now because of them I’ve been demoted from level 2 to 1, I think that’s unfair. There should be some kind of penalty to the clients too.

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