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Buyer cancelled it

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I am new in this platform, So i got my first 3 gigs. All of them were going well. But among one of these, it was meant to be a short period work. So after 1st delivery, buyer just extended time and revisions for 3+ more days. So, finally i delivered according their desire. They didn’t give any explanation, just asked to cancel it. 🥺 Why this happened?
can someone please tell me?
They were really nice till this. I texted them asking the reason, they don’t reply. Heartbreaking. 😢

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There are some Buyers out there that prey on new Sellers here.

It looks like you got scammed by one.

While it doesn’t help your situation much, if anything, it is important for you to know that it happens a lot in this kind of marketplace.

You just have to beware that not all Buyers are professional.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your valued informative comment.
Thank God… buyer made a mistake. They just wanted a revision. mistakenly pressed cancellation… they apologized. We started the project again. I feel really relieved as i worked really hard on the project.

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