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Are my gigs attractive?

Guest torkaa

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Guest torkaa

hi! im new here, i make graphics using adobe photoshop.
i’ve started up a few gigs, would u mind just taking a look at them n giving me some advice?
thank you <3


For only $5, Torkaa will make you a video game or anime themed header. | hello!i'm torka, and i like making cool headers with cool looking video game and anime characters in my spare time.here u can buy twitter, youtube, | Fiverr

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You’re selling art created by someone else (just cropped and with filters). In general, that’s considered a violation of copyrights.

From the Fiverr Terms of Service:

Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

  • Illegal or Fraudulent services
  • Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party’s terms of service reported through our Intellectual Property Claims Policy found here
  • Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene
  • Intentional copies of Gigs
  • Spam, nonsense, or violent or deceptive Gigs
  • Gigs misleading to Buyers or others
  • Reselling of regulated goods
  • Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers
  • Exceedingly low quality Gigs
  • Promoting Fiverr and/or Fiverr Gigs through activities that are prohibited by any laws, regulations, and/or third parties’ terms of service, as well as through any marketing activity that negatively affects our relationships with our users or partners.
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