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What should be offer Gig pricing while ordering?


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In buyer requests, when we send offer what should we offer our pricing? the buyer’s total amount of our gig’s pricing? suppose if buyer has $20 and my gig basic price is $5 then what should i do? all buyer’s amount? if i type all buyer’s amount then deduction would be all amount or only basic gig pricing amount? please explain some one thanks.
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It’s really your choice with this but be careful. There is something in the ToS about not suddenly changing pricing, you’d need to read it to know exactly what it says as I’m not sure of the exact wording or rule as it’s been a while since I read through fully.

I often get requests for custom offers and occasionally the clients budget is much higher than what they would pay if they ordered directly. While it may be tempting to take their higher budget, there is the risk that a client will spot that the gig is priced lower and report it.

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You set the price you are willing to do all the work and provide all the files the client is asking for in his BR.

If a client wants 100 logos for 5$ and you send an offer for 5$ but you type in a comment that is the price per one logo, it could be an issue. You must send the price for everything the client is asking.

  • Take time to carefully review the buyer’s request. Buyers will often spend time describing the service they need in detail, and some may even attach a file for reference.

  • Personalize your offer and include a detailed description. This is a good place to let them know who you are and how you can do the job.

  • When describing your offer, address all relevant information the buyer included in their initial request.

  • Include only Gig Extras that actually answer the buyer’s needs.

  • Set a reasonable price and delivery time for the service requested.

  • Avoid contacting a buyer directly via inbox message. Buyers may view this as spam, and if reported, it will affect your communication flexibility.

  • This is not a promotional tool. Only share your Gig if it is relevant to a specific Buyer Request.

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