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How can i improve my gig so first


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Well the obvious #1 is to improve your written English as what you have written here makes no sense at all.

I am not being mean at all. I am letting you know that if your English is poor, in Gig wording or how you communicate with someone looking to buy or during a job, you will lose more jobs than you win. This is a thing you can work on fixing from right now.

How about better explaining what this Post question really is?


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Hi Fahim2954

Fiverr-Blog_Favicon-For-Web.png.5f9fd74589cc696c19b6af094a753a25.png blog.fiverr.com – 11 Jun 18

Fiverr Pro Tips: How to Optimize Your Gigs to Maximize Your Sales | Fiverr Blog

Freelancer Paul Maplesden is a Fiverr Pro who writes business, finance, and technology content that builds trust with your customers and presents your business in the best possible way. He loves the challenge of taking complex subjects and breaking...

Please check this blog to improve your gig performance score.


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Guest kapiks

Read a bit about SEO
Here you have a link:

Hello freelancers! raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed I’d like to talk about SEO on fiverr.I hope this will help new sellers somehow… I realize that this topic has probably been discussed many times, but it would be good to refresh it a bit and talk about it together! I am a new seller and since I started working on fiverr I became interested in the topic of SEO. within the first week, I had one of my gig show up on the front page and is there until now! However, I am not an expert in this, …

it will definitely help!
Good luck

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