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I made my first $100.000 on Fiverr and you can do it too! - Tips from a Top Rated Seller

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On 4/13/2021 at 9:53 PM, raghnalltuathai said:

Hey guys,
this is quite a bait thread title now, I know. But it’s true though! I’ve been active on Fiverr since 2017, full-time since 2019-2020. Top Rated Seller for over a year if I remember correctly. I don’t want to brag about these $100,000 in income, but rather motivate you. Because when I started, I was still a student, had no idea about online business or Fiverr and had to take away deposit bottles at the end of the month because I didn’t have enough money to buy them.

An investment of $80 (the software I work with) and Fiverr have now resulted almost three years later in me working full-time from home, not having an annoying boss and yes, I do enjoy that freedom!

I’m active on the forum a lot, I’ve had some great conversations here, got super tips, met interesting sellers and would like to give something back today (even if it’s just a little something). So here are a few tips that will hopefully help you as a newbie, but maybe also as a veteran.

1. Know your value! I see so many freelancers selling themselves short! Stand by your skills and your prices. Of course, your rates should be realistic compared to your work time, but never let a buyer tell you what your time, talent and work is worth! The client’s budget has to adapt to your prices and not vice versa. You don’t go to the apple store and ask for a 70% discount on an iPhone because your budget doesn’t allow for more, do you?

2. Stand out from the crowd! I notice this especially when I search for a service as a buyer on Fiverr. In some sections the portfolios, prices and gig descriptions are similar as if they were clones. As a customer, you tend to buy on the off chance then. If you notice that your competition is big, then think about a unique selling proposition and marketing. Make a particularly appealing gig video, a humorous description or fancy samples! Think about your favorite products - they have competition too! So why did you choose your favorite product? Work on your online presence!

3. Prepare yourself for madness. This came to mind when a friend of mine also started his own business online and gave up shortly after because he couldn’t handle the attitude of some buyers. There are great customers! I love working with my regular customers, they are awesome! But a couple of times a week I get requests from people who brazenly want to negotiate your prices, insult you, threaten you (with a bad review for example), want to scam you, badmouth your work, don’t say hello or goodbye, don’t reply, waste your time or cancel your project. Grow a thick skin and be prepared. Don’t take it personally and focus on building long-term relationships with great clients.

4. Experiment with pricing. You don’t have to offer the same prices for years. Don’t be afraid to adjust your prices to your work time, education and professionalism. I too have shied away from this for a long time, thinking that the algorithm or the customers will then say goodbye. Exactly the opposite was the case and I then had the strongest selling months!

5. Turn down an order if you notice red flags or if you can’t provide what the buyer is looking for. Otherwise this only makes for unhappy customers, cancelled orders and wasted time. There’s no shame in turning down a project if you realize the scope is too large or the client wants something that’s outside your scope of work. I turn down projects several times a week.

6. Pay attention to your English. And I say that as a non-native English speaker! Fiverr is an international platform, which means English is a must. As a seller you need to be able to have a professional briefing to understand the project. If you don’t understand the client or you talk past each other, it will only lead to problems. If necessary, use free online translators or a language tools to correct mistakes. There is no shame in it, it rather shows that you are trying to do your best in communication.

7. Do not copy anyone and be unique! Every week other sellers are copying my description, even reproducing my work, stealing my portfolio to pass it off as theirs and matching their prices to mine. All in the hope that they will be successful. But who do you want to work with as a client? With the original or the copy?

I just realize this is already a pretty long thread. I’d like to update it every now and then when I think of something new that I think is important. I’m also happy about your comments of course!

Thanks so much for reading! I wish you all the best!

Best regards

Valuable tips. "Grow a thick skin and be prepared. Don’t take it personally and focus on building long-term relationships with great clients." I loved this point. Thank you so much. I will follow it.

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On 4/13/2021 at 9:57 PM, imagination7413 said:

2. Stand out from the crowd!

Whether it is a coincidence or otherwise, somewhere I (even being new to Fiverr) I also conclude to the same thing last week. I have started to with the gigs that will help my clients to get more tangible value.

Reading your success story reinforced me that my thinking about my judgement was not wrong.

Thank you!

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