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Hey Everyone ,
I Finally received my first order after waiting for 26days.

Here is how i received my order, I received it through buyers request I kept sending offers to all buyers and yeah ! Finally received it.

I Failed umpteen times but i never lost my hope i stood up with the positive energy and kept trying.

In the beginning i made lot of mistakes when writing a proposal, i had no idea how does it work ? Then i came to know about forum and spent lot of my time to learn how Fiverr actually works ? And what are the key points to follow when sending a offer. Basically DOs &DONTs.

Forum helped me to understand about how to send offers to buyers and how the Fiverr algorithm actually works.

And I’m still learning, also i would request you to have quick glance at my gigs and provide your suggestions to improve them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you

I believe this post would be useful for the new sellers to stay motivated in some way…

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Congrats dear. Yes, Fiverr forum is helpful for all.

I am still struggling for my first order.

Thanks for taking your time to respond . i really appreciate it. and do not worry stay positive, keep pushing offers to buyers and optimize your gigs. very soon you will receive a order.

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