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Is this allowed on fiverr? Help


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I understand your frustration but the forum is here to help and advise, there is little point getting angry at us. Now to the issue, customer support will not hold funds from you unless there is a valid reason, we are not privy to the conversation but i you have now sent the file which customer support asked you to do? So what is the actual issue you are facing other than the threat of a chargeback.

@andrewcarpen756 I have sent the project file, cause I can’t withdraw my funds. I did other jobs and still have offers waiting for me to accept. Even after sending project file, my funds is still frozen, it is unfair to hold all my funds for one person’s problem. If there is issue with that order, they can freeze it and allow me to work on and withdraw others while that one gets cleared out.Still fiverr have taken their 20% immediately and I am battling with mine plus other things like the charge back. This is really frustrating. Right now I have an active order which I am thinking of cancelling, it’s frustrating

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