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Fiverr order problem please help


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Thanks my respect person. I’m new seller. I need some help and your suggestion. I’m joining the Fiverr account 7 months. I’m Just one order complete and i have 5 stars review of good comment. It’s order 15+ days ago. I have no order. I’m feeling very sad. Please please help me and find me my problem. I Think profile and Gig problem. Profile link… mr_reja442 | Photoshop Editing | Bangladesh | Fiverr

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Why not read some more. Selling is more complex than you are thinking.

You need to really understand what you are selling: it is not really Photoshop anything it is a solution to a problem for specific people.

Who are those people?
What is their problem?
What is your solution?

Tempting to give vague answers but that is why you have poor sales, you are trying to be everything to everyone which makes you no one to anyone. Bad place to be, even if it is easy to be there.

Get very specific answers to those three questions and you will know why you are updating your gig in ways you would never think to do right now.

Come on, what are those answers?


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