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A Fiverr Glitch/Hack To Get More Buyers?


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I think I might have accidentally stumbled upon a new Fiverr glitch (or I might have the luckiest coincidence and timing ever) to hack the system and get more buyers?

Please take anything I’m about to say with the heaviest grain of salt, because this was just something weird I noticed and I have not run any extensive tests or experiments to confirm my hypothesis.

But a weird thing I seem to notice is that every time I go out of office or I set my profile to vacation mode, I get more clients or more people in my inbox instantly.

This all started a couple months ago toward the tail-end of 2020, where I would always take my profile to show I was on vacations on Thursdays because that was the day me and my partner decided that I will take a break from Fiverr and focus on other things.

Come Christmas time I had more free time so my profile was always set to active and I never went on vacation.

Even back then I thought it was weird how I was getting a steady set of customers AFTER I turned my vacation mode off but I thought it was a common thing that happened on the site and it was just public knowledge and nothing to stress about.

But I don’t think that way anymore.

I recently went through a very long dry spell and almost went an entire month without any clients, so I decided to just set my profile to say that I was on vacation for a weekend and the moment I set it back I instantly got a buyer. (And several others in my inbox)

Coincidence? Or exploitable glitch?

Now this is not me telling any desperate sellers on the site to go switch their vacation modes off and on desperately in an attempt to get buyers. I’m just asking the community to see if this is also a general occurrence that other people have experienced.

If I was supposed to take a guess at what’s happening, maybe when a seller puts their profile back on from out-of-office mode the side promotes their gigs at the top of the page or something and that’s how they get more buyers or clients in their inbox.

Again, just a guess. This whole thing might not even be real and I just have insanely coincidentally good timing.

Discuss 💕

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Hi there.

That seems to be contradicting all the horror stories we hear about the OOO feature from time to time.

How many times were you able to replicate this so called glitch and have the results been consistent each time?

You go out of office for X amount of time and when you return, what happens exactly?

You get how many messages and how many orders?

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Can you find your gig on search results?, or it’s just random orders 😃

Who knows? Like I said, didn’t do extensive research or ask buyers how they found me. But the logical conclusion would be to assume they all came from search results.

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