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I need some tips to get my first order


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Hello @sabbirahmed210,
Welcome here, Best of luck to you.

You can try to the list:

The forum is full of new sellers desperately wanting success. Someone has told them that you just create a gig and everybody rushes to buy it … Easy money! Of course that is not the case! Selling on Fiverr is just like opening a business. Imagine you are opening a shop in a town. You would see what the competition is doing. Are they offering the same thing as you. Can you offer something different or better. Or maybe a niche that nobody else has thought of. That is called research and you…

Tips for Sellers

This category is for posts with original tips for sellers to utilize. If you want to ask for tips, please use Improve my Gig.

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In fact, everyone is waiting. When that desired first order will come. Don’t break down. Continue your work. No one can achieve success without losing patience. Do you have seven gigs arranged well? Are the images visually pleasing? Does your gig have the word and gig descriptions in the right way? Then I hope you will succeed. Share gigs and send buyer requests is also standard.

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